Dr. Paul Bold Dental Clinique

From the usual routine control and basic services of general dentistry, to aesthetics or orthodontics or surgery, Dr. Paul Bold's Dental Clinic has been recognized for over 30 years for professionalism and innovation in the field of oral health, using the latest technologies for oral health. that you forget about the "fear of the dentist" and smile confidently in every situation.
Our team of experienced specialists awaits you. We combine science with practice and we are ready to help you in any kind of situation, our advantage being the attention to details and usage of the highest quality materials.

Prosthetic Dentistry

For a perfect aesthetic / functional smile.


For dental caries and application of physiognomic fillings.

Dental implants

For a durable and healthy smile.


Because what you don't see is just as important.

Dental aesthetics

For smiles that steal hearts.


For diagnosis, prophylaxis & periodontal treatment.

Dental prophylaxis

Because prevention is easier than treatment